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Davide Squillace
Washington, DC
Dec 3
DC101 Presents Elliot in the Mornings Holiday Concert with Fall Out Boy, AWOLNATION, Bastille and The Struts
Fairfax, VA
Dec 3
Holiday Jam with New Edition and Black Alley and Kenny Babyface Edmonds and Babyface
Washington, DC
Dec 4
Silver Spring, MD
Dec 4
Tyler Farr
Charles Town, WV
Dec 10
Mannheim Steamroller
Baltimore, MD


RICKY WARWICK - Artwork, Release-Datum, Formate und Tracklists enthüllt!

19.11.2015 - BLACK STAR RIDERS-Fronter RICKY WARWICK hat nicht nur die Veröffentlichung von einem, sondern sogar von zwei Solo-Alben für nächstes Jahr angekündigt. »When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (And Guy Mitchell Sang The Blues)« und das wunderbar akustische »Hearts On Trees« werden am 26. Februar 2016 als Doppel-CD via Nuclear Blast Entertainment veröffentlicht.

RICKY erklärt: „Ich wollte einfach, dass diese Songs veröffentlicht werden. Das Album ist über lange Zeit entstanden und im Endeffekt haben wir sogar zwei Platten gemacht: elektrisch und akustisch. Wir haben auf diesem Album mit einigen großartigen...

19 4 days ago

Best Albums So Far In The Past 15 Years [91-100]

Looks like 2015 is almost coming to...

30 4 days ago

Grönland. Die größte Insel der Welt. Auf der insgesamt nur 55.000 Menschen wohnen. Genauso viele wie in Göppingen zum Beispiel.

Aus diesem spröden Land kommen vier Jungs, die bereits seit ihrer Highschool-Zeit zusammen Musik machen. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit stiegen sie zu einer der größten Rockbands des Landes auf und wurden  auch in Dänemark begeistert empfangen. Die Band zog nach Kopenhagen, um nun von dort aus dem restlichen europäischen Festland ihr Werk zu präsentieren.

Im Oktober letzten Jahres erschien ihr Debüt „Stethoscope“, welches jetzt auch bei uns veröffentlicht wird. Die Kälte, die Isolation und die Natur einer uns kaum vorstellbaren Alltagswelt kreieren eine sehr...

25 5 days ago

We all remember sprinting away from family dinners to check if we had any messages on AIM. Or that thrill when you got your first crush’s SN (not that you hadn’t stalked it out days beforehand). Remember spending long minutes adjusting the capitalization and wording of your away messages? (Mine was a Jay Z verse until someone IMed me to tell me that I was being really lame.)

The computer game Emily is Away sends you back to those days before Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and even Ello by simulating an AIM talk with a bot called Emily (“emerly35” for...

22 5 days ago

Jim Carroll jimcarroll

(1) Some very ineresting pieces of late from Music Business Worldwide about the business of recod label A&R. It began with this report which found that major label A&R departments had a hit rate of just 6 per cent when it came to turning new acts into best-selling stars, a finding which MBW robustly backed up when challenged. Those stats made their way into a panel discusion at the recent Music Futures conference in Newcastle featuring Alison Donald (the co-MD of Columbia Records UK who has had a lot to...

19 5 days ago

Hey! Hello! | Baby Chaos | The Wildhearts

Rock City, Nottingham

17th September 2015

Rock City Nottingham for The Wildhearts and the show starts at six fifty and I know there’s a full undercard and all but it doesn’t seem right somehow. I mean, Emmerdale hasn’t even started yet and we’re pogoing along to Hey! Hello! like demented things. All right other people are pogoing along to Hey Hello! and I am stood at the back watching them and making notes. But it can’t be right can it? Not at teatime. But there’s a ten o’clock curfew so early kick off it is.


34 About 1 month ago

Astronaut Scott Kelly—twin brother to Mark and current commander of the International Space Station's Expedition 45 crew—has now spent more than 380 days consecutively in space, and holds the record for most time spent off the planet by an American citizen.

That is a lot of time away from pop culture and the earworms of current radio, so we'll forgive Kelly if his recently released Spotify playlist, titled 'Songs of a Year Spent in Space', skews a bit towards 'dad rock' and away from whichever OVO jam debuted on SoundCloud last week.

Kelly's two-hour-plus mix, though, is catchy! He followed all...

40 About 1 month ago


Cinematic, dramatic, soaring, literary – take your pick, or you could use them all to describe the music of Macclesfield 4-piece Racing Glaciers.

Cut from the same cloth as Snow Patrol, Travis or even (gasp!) early Coldplay, but with the dreamy elements of shoegaze legends – Slowdive, Racing Glaciers to date have released a handful of big league EPs and singles since their formation in 2012. They even had a track featured in the latest (and hopefully last) Transformers movie.

Seems Like a Good Time...

11 About 1 month ago

In the Eye of the Storm: Jennie Vee

JENNIE VEE The Lock Tavern, London 6 October 2015

Hurricane Joaquin is dropping the Atlantic Ocean on London, driving the creatures of Camden’s night off the streets and into doorways. The smart ones press upstairs into The Lock Tavern’s cozy live space, where Jennie Vee is kicking off a short UK tour.

In front of a bank of strobes, the NY-based artist and her band are making a dreampop storm of their own. Confident and poised, styled to the nines, they fill the room with kinetic energy. There’s little room to dance...

12 About 1 month ago

Pesky – Smells Like Tween Spirit (Fierce Panda)

CD | DL | LP

Out Now

Keith Goldhanger has been trying to work out the combined age of Pesky. Without the use of a calculator he gave that up as a bad idea and just spent a few days listening to the secondary school band’s debut album. And is rather impressed.

One of the weirdest events at our school involved our music teacher. In my second year we had this new angry horrible bastard of a bloke who literally (in one case) had children shi………well, you know….?

In order for this piece of late night...

11 About 1 month ago

Today marks the release both of Spying, the debut album from Toronto-born, New York City-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Jennie Vee, and “Dreamtime”, its reflective, heartwarmingly-nostaglic and effects pedal-soaked second single. The album was produced by Richey Rose and the artist herself, except for previous single “Spying”, which was recorded by Snow Patrol’s Paul Wilson. It’s available both digitally and on a limited-edition signed CD from her Bandcamp page now.

13 About 1 month ago

Only two countries are on The Matinee October 8, but the music is no less awesome. There’s also an artist from one of our favorite discoveries (and who had one of our favorite albums) who makes a guest appearance. Let’s get to the music.

Tiger Waves (featuring Jana Horn) – “In Retrograde” (Austin, USA)

This was an accidental find and a fantastic one at that. Tiger Waves are an Austin-based band who...

7 About 2 months ago